Elephant & Castle (London)

Elephant & Castle (Shanghai)>

Date: Thursday, July the 8th
Starting point: Borough Str. - East Nanjing Rd. Station
Time: Any time
Materials: Prints of the following text, prints of the elephants image, pencil and colour

The famous castle Stupinigi near Turin hosted in the 19. century an indian elephant named Fritz.
He attracted a great number of visitors and has been portrayed by the most prominent painters of
the time. After being confined in the narrow medieval tower of the castle the elephant went mad and
started to destroy everything around him. The traces of his rage are still visible on the towers walls.
Among his most enthusiastic admirers is counted Sir Hippolitus Barberry, who achieved the
transportation of elephant Fritz' ashes to his manor house near Wolverhampton. Sir Burberry also
promoted the construction of a statue in London representing an elephant with a tower on his back,
which later gave name to the side of Elephant and Castle.

Go to point (7) and distribute the leaflets/ place the wall advertisement "Elephant seeks castle"
with the phone number of Shanghai Zoo added.