Being Taken (Shanghai)

Being Taken (Paris)>

Date: Friday, July the 9th
Starting point: Parc Montsouris, RER stop Cité Universitaire/ Lao Xi Men Station
Time: In the afternoon
Materials: Paper and pen, The Shanghai Surprise, a piece of chalk, a balloon

Explore the park/ the station's area and sit near point (8). Write a list of everything you see during an
hour's time. Move towards point (4) and find a residential building nearby. Take a picture of the first
person leaning out of the window or exiting the building. Walk to the center of the square/park and
leave there The Shanghai Surprise tied to the balloon. Follow a person that intrigues you. At a chosen
moment shoot a photo of his/her back. Whenever you loose his/ her track, follow the first person
smoking until he/ her throws the cigarette away. Write next to the cigarette time and place.