Canal Walk (London)

Canal Walk (Shanghai)>

Date: Wednesday, July 7th, 2010
Starting point: Point (5)
Time: Any time
Materials: A book about Paris, the drawing of an elephant made by a friend on an A6 sheet,
a piece of chalk

If you find it, collect THE SHANGHAI SURPRISE. Cross the river and get to point (6), then follow the canal line until the end.
However, if you find a bookshop on the way, get in and buy a poetry book. Choose the two last verses and proceed walking
in this way: each word walk down a block, each verb turn right or left, each punctuation mark take a picture.

Drop in the first bus you find and get out with the person sitting at top left seat. Find a nice place to write down the two verses.
If you haven't come across any bookshop on your way, stop in front of the lake. Overlay the elephant's drawing on your map
by placing the point of its tail on the lake's center and the right paw over the river. Go to the end of the elephant's trunk, and
write on the floor a line of the book about Paris. Post the postcard in a mailbox.