Pointing Shoes (Shanghai)

Pointing Shoes (Berlin)>

Date: Sunday, July 4th, 2010
Starting point: Stargarder Strasse- Lychener Strasse/ Siping Rd. Station
Time: Early morning
Materials: All the material you have collected during the past itineraries, a mirror, an alarm clock,
today's local newspaper (the date has to be highlighted in bright colour), some vegetables that remind you China/Germany,
the trace of your itineraries of day 1-2, a piece of chalk, the postcard of point (1)

Find a suitable place near the station, where to arrange the objects. Trace on the pavement the itineraries' line
with the chalk. Place the mirror in order to reflect the sky and add your shoes pointing towards the city's center.
Take a picture of the whole composition focusing on the shoes' points. At dawn, go to the top of the
Fernsehturm/ Oriental Tower, write a the postcard addressed to Arlequin (antiquités - achat et vente)
8 r Dupleix 75015 Paris/ Gaia Vianello Dorsoduro 3441 30123 Venezia. (A. moves to London)