The Shanghai Surprise (Shanghai)

The Shanghai Surprise (London)>

Date: Tuesday, July 6th, 2010
Starting point: Borough Str. - East Nanjing Rd. Station
Time: Any time
Materials: A slice of watermelon, clean underpants

Exit the subway station and walk to point (3), cross the bridge in front of you, get to the center, eat the watermelon
and walk back. Then enter point (3), or a building close-by. Try to start a discussion with somebody about one
of the following topics: horse races, climate changes, art. If you don't find anybody to speak with, take a picture of
one of the following objects: a horse statue, a hoover, a painting. Enter a toilet and change your underpants.

Walk to point (4). In the meanwhile, collect colorful paper, a sugar pouch, a kitschy object, something that reminds
you of Italy, a postcard, a sigaret, a matchbox. Take a picture of point (4), go to the park nearby, sit in a nice corner,
smoke the cigaret and write a tale on the postcard. Then pack all the objects in the colorful paper (not the cigaret you
have smoked), write THE SHANGHAI SURPRISE on it; go to point (5) and leave the package in a very hidden place.