Tales (Shanghai)

Tales (Paris)>

Date: Saturday, July the 10th
Starting point: RER stop Cité Universitaire/ Lao Xi Men Station
Time: 9.00 am Paris Time/ ST
Materials: A red ribbon, paper and pen

Take a public transport to metro line 4 and tie the ribbon on a suitable place inside the bus or train.
When you get to line 4 take a train direction north-east and exit at the 14th stop. Look for a nice café
nearby. Take a picture of it, then enter and order something. Write an anecdote about every person you
have photographed the previous day (if you wish you could create an entire tale out of the anecdotes) and
make some sketches what you see in the café. Take account of everything you eat/drink until 14.00 pm.
Go to Arlequin and negotiate to get back the postcard you have sent him from Berlin. Go to the store
near point (1) and get what you ordered.